Geografie 2021, 126, 393-418

Between the layers of the palimpsest: Historical geographical research of changes in functions of small water reservoirs on the case study of the town of Čáslav (Czechia)

Jindřich FrajerID

Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, Olomouc, Czechia

Received August 2021
Accepted November 2021

Small water reservoirs have represented an important water feature of the Central European landscape since the Middle Ages. In our study, we focused on researching the historical functions of those reservoirs and their changes through time. We recorded 169 mentions to the functions of selected ponds in the selected four historical reservoirs around the town of Čáslav (Central Bohemia Region), using a combination of written, cartographic, and iconographic archival sources. Fish-related production functions were most frequently mentioned. However, others were also important mainly for the development of the town – the accumulation of water for the needs of mills and industry, and the supply of the city population through the historical aquifers from these reservoirs. They often served as recreational areas for residents. Our research pointed to the multifunctionality of small water reservoirs and the fact that the change of the main functions was mainly related to the change in the owner of the reservoir.


This work was supported by NAKI II DG18P02OVV019.


63 live references