Geografie 2021, 126, 419-443

The new delimitation of peripheries in Czechia

Milan Jeřábek1ID, Jaroslav Dokoupil2ID, David Fiedor3ID, Nikola Krejčová4ID, Petr Šimáček3ID, René Wokoun5ID, František Zich6ID

1Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, Brno, Czechia
2University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Economics, Department of Geography, Plzeň, Czechia
3Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography, Olomouc, Czechia
4University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management, Praha, Czechia
5University of Finance and Administration, Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Department of Administrative Law and Public Administration, Prague, Czechia
6University of Finance and Administration, Faculty of Economics, Department of Marketing Communication, Prague, Czechia

Received March 2021
Accepted November 2021

Peripheries may be delimited by various methodological approaches. The aim of this article is to identify and spatially determine inner and outer peripheries at the municipal level in Czechia. With the help of 15 indicators (reflecting the demographic development, economic activity, and transportation accessibility), the municipalities are divided into five categories according to the level of their peripherality. The results are then confronted with previous research in this field to assess the dynamics of spatial distribution of peripheries in Czechia, particularly in terms of their location and size.


This work was supported by TA ČR, project No. TL03000527.


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