Geografie 2014, 119, 259-277

Regional Awareness and Regional Identity in Czechia: Case Study of the Bohemian Paradise

Pavel Chromý, Michal Semian, Zdeněk Kučera

Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Přírodovědecká fakulta, katedra sociální geografie a regionálního rozvoje, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czechia

Received October 2013
Accepted May 2014

Since 1980s, we can observe a changing paradigm within the approaches towards regions which understand and deconstruct the “region” as a social process. Instead of understanding the region as an object or a category, this change transforms the region into a subject of interest for scholars. The study of regions is from now on considered a research topic which requires a holistic understanding of geography, broad interdisciplinary approaches as well as local and historical sensitivity. The paper is using a conceptual understanding of a region based on the combination of territorial, symbolic and institutional configurations. Regional identity that permeates through all of these layers is viewed as one of the most important elements of the very existence of the region and its recognition in the regional system. This paper contributes to the discussion on the importance of regional identity in regional development. The case study of the Bohemian Paradise region proves the significant influence of landscape features on the process of regional identity reproduction.


72 live references