Geografie 2011, 116, 130-143

Impact of polder system on flooding in the Rolava River basin

Alice Taufmannová, Michal Jeníček

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czechia

Received April 2010
Accepted March 2011

This paper deals with evaluating the impact of dry reservoirs on flood events. The system of dry reservoirs could create an effective part of integrated flood protection. The system of four uncontrolled dry reservoirs was theoretically implemented to the headwater part of the Rolava River basin in the Ore Mountains. The main aim was to evaluate the potential impact of the dry reservoirs on peak discharge decrease during two known rainfall events in September 2007 and in August 2006 and four theoretical scenarios – 10, 20, 50 and 100-year return period of 1-day precipitation. Rainfall-runoff modelling was carried out by means of the model HEC–HMS (Hydrologic Engineering Center – Hydrologic Modeling System) with satisfactory agreement in the calibration and verification process.


The presented research was funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, project No. MSM 0021620831 “Geographical Systems and Risk Processes in the Context of Global Changes and European Integration”.


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