Geografie 2007, 112, 266-291

Social differentiation in the area of Prague subcentres

Jan Polívka

Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung & Institut für Sociologie, Fachgebiet Planungs- und Architektursoziologie, FR 2-5, Franklinstr. 28/29, D-10587 Berlin, Germany

On the example of three Prague subcentres Budějovická, Pankrác and Smíchov this paper analyses the structure of socially stratified environment of secondary city centres in Prague. The development is discussed within the context of requirements upon the public space in the stage of tertiarization and post-socialist transformation of the urban society. The influx of investments into the local environment of city centres is changing the space patterns and causes changes in the social structure of users. As result, the area of centres is split into functional entities with different social constituency. An active role of public administration is important for preservation of city-centre functionality for most inhabitants of the city.