Geografie 2007, 112, 95-106

In this country, in these countries?

Stanislav Řehák

The subhead of this essay could be "Comparative regional-geographical wander around France and Czech countries". The authors points out that in Czech geographical terminology the term country is ambiguous. Especially historical countries Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia have always had timeless applicability; on their long-term existence and on their historical symbols are based also the statehood of the Czech Republic and its symbols. Unfortunately, historical countries are not respected in any way by the territorial administrative division, although their size (NUTS 1) is suitable also for the NUTS system. In this connection, the author compares the situation in Czechia to that in France, where long-term regional division was not much backed as well, but where the situation is now in general consolidated and the new level of French regions (after the reform of the 1960's to 1980's) has stimulated many of the historical regions. The author deals also with the extensive present French regional geographical literature and tries to indirectly inspire also Czech authors.