Geografie 2004, 109, 170-180

Floods 2002 in Prague - reflections, lessons and ideas

Rafael Baena Escudero1, Belén García Martínez1, Inmaculada Guerrero Amador1, Filip Hartvich2, Brigitte Leicht3, Lara Marchiol4, Laura Giacomini5, Andrea Guaran4, Alexandra Králová2, Andreas Licht3, Hannah Neu3, Luca Pezzullo5, Veronika Weingerová2

1University of Sevilla, Spain
2Charles University in Prague, Czechia
3University of Mainz, Germany
4University of Udine, Italy
5University of Padua, Italy

This contribution deals with the consequences of floods, which affected the capital of CR, Prague, in august 2002. The members of working group have seen the situation one year after the event. The article is divided into three parts, each dealing with specific area of problems. First part concerns the measures that should be taken before the flood event occurs, including long-term flood protection strategy. In the second part we discuss the succession of steps to be performed in order to minimize the endangerment of public and the damages during the flood period. Last section suggests solutions and lessons that might be taken from the 2002 flood event's course and its consequences in Prague.