Geografie 2004, 109, 181-188

Water Quality Changes and Its Trends in the Czech Republic

Katrin Alamets1, Magdalena Bicanová2, Petra Judová2, Henn Pärnamets1, Levente Ronczyk3, Sylva Rödlová2

1University of Tartu, Estonia
2Charles University, Faculty of Science, Czechia
3University of Pees, Hungary

The state of environment in 1989 was a result of political and economic development of Czechoslovakia during preceding 40 years. Political and economical changes were the reason why the water quality in the Czech Republic has been significantly changing since 90's. In this text we want to describe not only these changes, but also their causes, including the legislation changes due to preparation for the membership in the EU and their consequences in the field of water management, water quality, water ecosystems restoration and others.