Geografie 2003, 108, 61-75

Migration of Southern Bohemia population during the period 1992-1998

Jiří Čekal

Katedra geografie, Pedagogická fakulty JČU, Jeronýmova 10, 371 15 České Budějovice, Czechia

The paper deals with regional and structural analysis of internal migration of the population in southern Bohemia between 1992-1998 in relation to the developments in the whole Czech Republic. As southern Bohemia, we understand the area of the contemporary Southern Bohemia Region. When evaluating migration in the given area, we used some basic indicators of demographic statistics, such as number of immigrants, number of emigrants, migration turn-over and net migration. The analysis also includes identification of main migration flows, the issue of migration motivation and an evaluation of the impact of migration on some structural characteristics of population, such as sex, age and educational structure.