Geografie 2000, 105, 41-49

Slovak commuter migration into Austria - reality versus imaginations

Daniel Kollár

Geografický ústav SAV; Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The commuter migration from Slovakia into Austria occupies a special position in Europe. The relatively short distance between Bratislava and Vienna encourages a rapid creation of information networks and permits job-seekers to find work in line with their qualification without too much financial outlay. Unlike other groups of migrants, the Slovakian commuters experience almost no dequalification and do not have to take up a marginal position on the labour market. It is remarkable that both the public opinion and the official statistics have failed to register this new development and therefore the realistic figures to fully comprehend it are lacking. The fact that this form of East-West mobility is being accepted without comment as "the new normality" may, perhaps, be attributed to the common bonds of the past.


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