Geografie 2000, 105, 34-40

Evaluation of Agricultural Landuse in the Pošumaví Region

Marie Novotná

Katedra geografie, Pedagogická fakulta ZčU, Veleslavínova 42, 306 19 Plzeň, Czechia

This article gives account of the research carried on in the border area of the Klatovy, Prachatice and Český Krumlov districts. This region has specific features the significance of which surpasses its geographical limits. Its location near the state boundary has significantly influenced its economic and social development. Farming and forestry have always played a significant role among the economic activities of the population. Today we witness an enhanced development of the tertiary sector, primarily of the services focussed on tourism. Farming and forestry, however, will remain an indispensable sector due to their landscape formation function. The whole study is based on methods of the geographical information system (GIS). The data from the land registers of the cadastre offices have been used as well.