Geografie 1997, 102, 112-117

Changing Water Quality in the Upper Vltava Basin 1986 - 1995

Eva Skořepová

Katedra fyzické geografie a geoekologie, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czechia

The article deals with water quality assessment in the upper Vltava basin, i.e. as far as Solenice. Both linear and areal investigations have been made. The Czech State Standard 757221 water quality classification has been used. The areal results are based on the balance of specific substance load. The research has been carried out in close cooperation with Wassergutestelle Elbe Hamburg within the framework of the Elbe Project. Basic data from 23 hydro-stations on Vltava (period 1990 - 1994) was provided by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.