Geografie 1988, 93, 103-115

A New Conception of "Towns" and "Country Villages" and Its Importance to Geography

Alois Andrle, Vladimír Srb

Terplan - Státní ústav pro územní plánování, Platnéřská 19, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

The classification of "towns" and "country villages" is of historical origin. The classification should reveal their dichotomy in terms of the economic, social and demographic development and the functions in the settlement pattern. The latest legal framework for the classification of settlements is stimulated in the People's Committees Acts, No. 31/1983 in CSR and No. 35/1983 in SSR. The authors describe various aspects of the development of towns and country villages in Czechoslovakia since 1918 till the present time. A complete list of towns defined by the legall regulation dated December 31, 1987 is annexed.