Geografie 1987, 92, 105-118

The Importance of Communications at the Time of Origin of Prague Castle

Ota Pokorný

Cihlářova 9/655, 140 18 Praha 4, Czechia

As a free continuation of the article published in the Journal of the Czechoslovak Geographical Society, 90, 3 (1985) and on the basis of results of archeological and engineering-geological investigations, the author describes the network of communications in the Prague Basin at the time of origin of the Prague Castle. He presents the hypothesis that the name Praha (Praga), denoting some places in the Prague Basin in the oldest documents dating from before 1235 has not been derived from the name of the Prague Castle, but is the original name of these places. Nine such localities called Praha (Praga in Latin) are mentioned by the author in the Prague Basin as places of geomorphological and communication importance.