Geografie 1986, 91, 202-213

Ecumens - Regional-economic Environment of the World

Jiří Stehlík

Ústav pro práce na souhrnných prognózách soc. ekonom. rozvoje ČSR při VŠE, Pod zvonařkou 7, 120 00 Praha 2, Czechia

The paper treats of the determination of the extent of individual parts of the ecumens, including agricultural areas, industrial and economic areas, forests, roads, built-in areas, parks, etc. The extent of the continental regional-economic environment of the world (without 3,6 mil. km2 of water surfaces) was estimated at the beginning of the Eighties at 78,7 mil. km2, and the extent of an applicable area (during 100 years) at 13,0 mil. km2, and a remaining unapplicable areas at 51,4 mil. km2.