Geografie 1983, 88, 13-32

Formalized evaluation of landscape for the recreational activity

Ladislav Miklós

The work is an attempt of objectification of landcape evaluation for recreational activity on the example of the watershed Gemerské Turce. The watershed is situated partly on the south slopes of the Slovenské rudohorie Mountains, partly in the Rimavská kotlina Basin on the boundary of the districts Rimavská Sobota and Rožňava. The territory presents a great diversity of natural conditions e. g. span of altitude is from 172 m to 1120 m above sea level. The basis for evaluation is the complex physicogeographical research, which results in the landscape typification are expressed on the maps. The aim of the work is to determine the suitability of physicogeographical types for recreational activities. The results are the values of evaluation of each type for 6 groups of recreational activity: A - summer recreation and games, B - summer tourism, C - winter tourism, D - summer mountain tourism, E - winter recreation and sports, F - special activities - hunt and fishing, H - for aesthetic conditions, P - for the complex assumption for the development of tourism traffic, and the determination of the best activity for each physico- geographical type. These values are expressed on the maps.