Geografie 1982, 87, 161-165

The investigation of gully erosion in the forest soils in the Jizerské hory Mountains

Otakar Stehlík

The author presents the results of his investigations of centemporarly created gullies on the surface of etchplain of the Jizerské hory Mts. (Northern Bohemia, Czechoslovakia). Gullies has been created by movement of heavy machines over the non-paved drives during the exploitation of woods. In a short time the depth of ravines in the slopes reached 0.5-2.5 meters. The erosion stopped by reaching of solid rock or block talus. The author used the surface observation and the air-photographing from the height of 150-200 m. He investigated relationships between anthropogenous influence, inclination of slopes and climatic factors. In the conclusion he gives suggestions for the protection of soil against erosion in conditions of exploitation of wood in large areas.