Geografie 1982, 87, 41-51

Regionalization of tourisme in the Czech Socialist Republic

Josef Rubín

The article and a map (Enclosure 1) give the basic information on the dividing of the territory of the Czech Socialist Republic in 47 regions and 37 subregions of tourisme, further in 28 so called perspective regions and in small areas convenient for recreation outside regions of tourisme. The first regionalization of tourisme in Czechoslovakia was done in 1962 and that one is now actualized - separately for the Czech and the Slovak Soc. Republic. Nowadays there are together 70 regions of tourisme in Czechoslovakia. According their importance and quality they are divided in 4 categories. This actualization is motivated by changes of the landscape and especially by changes in the social economic sphere during last 20 years. Besides review of that changes it is partialy mentioned used methodic too.