Geografie 1977, 82, 293-298

Regionalization of Shallow Groundwaters in the Czech Socialist Republic

Hubert Kříž

The regionalization of shallow groundwaters in the CSR represents in substance the dissecting of that region in minors units of identical or similar character of the régime of these waters. As the basis for his work the author used the longtermed data about the state of water level in the observed objects and about the substantiality of the fountains and springs. There were delimited areas of two main types: 1. with supply of groundwater storage all the year round, 2. with seasonal supply of groundwater storage. Each of them is further divided according to the difference in the régime of their groundwaters. The author distinguishes 8 zones altogether. Tne results are shown in the colored map (enclosure). The regionalization can serve for solving some economic problems which are connected with balancing accounts of supplies of groundwaters, and as well for the following development of network of observation points.