Geografie 1977, 82, 43-49

Comments to the Conception of Territorial Urbanization

Miroslav Macka, Jan Bína

In economic developed countries with mostly stabilized settlement structure there is today the functional urbanization of the country very often more important than a direct growth of cities. The first forms of the urbanization of domiciles in Czechoslovakia are historically connected with unions of rural domiciles to near industrial centres (communiting). In the present times domiciles are mostly affected by the factor of the economic geographical situation and possibilities of communication with the whole system of cities. The urbanization of non-city does not identify in every case with their situation in one influenced zones of a centre city. Hitherto works are therefore divided into two groups. The first group studies qualitative criterions of the urbanization, the second one values integration of domiciles and specific structural features in hinterlands of cities. Seventeen Czechoslovak and foreign works are traced at this point. The presumption is pronouced that qualitative criterions of the urbanization will be continued more important for geography. This is the condition of understanding and gradual removing of differenciations between living and working conditions in citles and in the country.