Geografie 1969, 74, 93-100

The 21st International Geographical Congress in India

Jaromír Demek

Geografický ústav ČSAV, Mendelovo nám. 1, Brno, Czechia

The author reports in his paper on the proceedings and results of the 21st International Geographical Congress held in India in November and December 1968. In the almost centenary history of the International Geographical Congresses this was the first Congress held in Asia. The Congress was sponsored by the Government of India and organized by the Indian National Geographical Committee headed by Prof. S. P. Chatterjee. In the meeting proper of the Congress in New Delhi from December 1 to 8, 1968 together 1100 geographers from 49 countries took part. From Czechoslovakia an official delegation consisting of M. Blažek, J. Demek (head of the delegation), V. Häufler, K. Ivanička (secretary of the delegation), A. Koláčný, E. Mazúr, P. Plesník, M. Střída took part in the Congress. The Czechoslovak geographer's read 14 papers in sections, commissions and symposia. The organizing committee has prepared a number of publications for the Congress which have substantially enriched the geographical literature on India and were given a favourable reception. The Czechoslovak geographers also presented some publications to the participants in the Congress. The Czechoslovak representatives took also part in a number of symposia and field excursions organized in various regions of India. The Indian National Geographical Committee and the organizing committee gave much effort to the arrangement of the Congress. They succeeded in the acquirement of the co-operation of most university centres all over India. The standard of the Congress was up to the state and possibilities of the modern Indian geography and the whole country. During the Congress a new executive committee headed by the Polish geographer St. Leszczycki has been elected. The next Congress is to be held in Canada in 1972. The proceeding of the next Congress should be limited to the 24 IGU Commissions in which the main activities of the International Geographical Union in the period between the Congresses is concentrated.