Geografie 1968, 73, 229-241

Complex Physico-Geographical Research in Czechoslovakia: Its Principles, Problems and Practical Utilization

Jaromír Demek

Geografický ústav ČSAV, Mendelovo nám. 1, Brno, Czechia

In the past Czechoslovak geography dealt above all with the study of the individual components of the natural environment. Attempts at comprehensive evaluation of the natural environment and the delimitation of natural landscapes were very rare in Czechoslovakia and not detailed enough (e. g. F. Koláček, 1924, 1934, J. Král, 1930). This fact reflects itself even in the new Atlas of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1966) were the very complex physico-geographical maps are missing. But in recent years the necessity of comprehensive study of the natural environment of Czechoslovakia became evident from the point of view, both of the development of the theory of geography as a science and of the needs of practice. That is why Czechoslovak geographers approached the comprehensive study and delimitation of the types of natural landscapes in Czechoslovakia in 1965. In this paper I am going to give concise information about the principles, problems and practical utilization of the results of that research.