Geografie 2022, 127, 319-340

Critical elements in determining tourism routes: a systematic literature review

Muhammad Anas Khairul AnuarID, Azizan MarzukiID

Universiti Sains Malaysia, School of Housing, Building and Planning, Penang, Malaysia

Received February 2022
Accepted June 2022

The development of tourism routes often involves supply and demand drivers; however, the roles of both perspectives are not well understood. This study explores this approach from both perspectives using a systematic literature review. The review of these articles is associated with the scope of the development of tourism routes. Guided by the (PRISMA) method, 56 articles were retrieved for the analysis. A comprehensive review of the articles extracted six main elements – (supply perspective) – participation, route marketing, and promotion, government strategies, destination competitiveness (demand perspective), tourist motivation, tourist satisfaction, and loyalty. Several recommendations for future studies are highlighted that relate to the approach and subject of studies from other perspectives. Overall, the concept of developing a successful tourism route requires parties from both supply and demand perspectives.


The authors would like to extend their appreciation to the Universiti Sains Malaysia for the Bridging Grant titled The Quality of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report: An Analytical Analysis on EIA Studies of Tourism Projects in Langkawi Island, Malaysia (Grant No. 304/PPBGN/6316003), FRGS Grant titled Developing sustainable eco-tourism routes and trails framework in Langkawi Island, Malaysia (Grant No. 203/PPBGN/6711706), and Sabbatical Research Grant from May 2022 until January 2023 which makes this study possible.


70 live references