Geografie 2019, 124, 433-453

Power organization and relations in the environment of a small town and its local distrits

Vendula Svobodová

Masaryk University, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Geography, Brno, Czechia

Received December 2018
Accepted July 2019

This article presents a detailed case study into the power setting between the town (institution) and its local distrits, and how these relationships are influenced by individual actors, tactics, strategies, and activities. The concept of power was used for the research of power relations, and the activities of citizen activism are viewed especially in the context of social actions. All these activities and practices are captured by a power relations network and the positions of actors depend on their own awareness within a hierarchy of these positions. The aim of the work was to uncover and understand the factors influencing the unequal relationship between the town and its local distrits. For this purpose, we used qualitative methods. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The analysis showed that, despite all the constraints that determine the unequal relationship of power, each local distrits uses another type of activity to achieve goals.


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