Geografie 2016, 121, 612-631

Feminist geographies of religion: Christianity in everyday life of young women

Kamila Klingorová

Charles University, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Prague, Czechia

Received January 2015
Accepted February 2016

Religion influences people’s everyday life, including the way they structure their families, and relationships between men and women in general. Religious adherents tend to hold more traditional and even gender-stereotypical values. The association between religion and gender relations in space lends itself well to an analysis through feminist geographies of religion. Nevertheless, social relations in Czech secular society continue to be formed by Christian culture, which makes research in feminist geographies of religion important in this context. This contribution is based on a qualitative research using semi-structured interviews with young women living in Prague. Interviewed women are Catholic, Protestant, or without religious affiliation. The aim of the research was to verify the influence of Christianity on respondents’ everyday life. The biggest difference between religious and non-religious women is in their view of traditional family. In addition, Christianity shapes such a spatial behavior of religious respondents which differs from non-religious respondents mostly in their leisure time.


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