Geografie 2016, 121, 437-462

Geography of brewery: development of spatial distribution of Czech beer market after 1989

Jiří Hasman, David Hána, Kryštof Materna

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science, Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Prague, Czechia

Received March 2015
Accepted January 2016

Much of the current research in economic geography focuses on spatial distribution of industries and their market competition. As the data about localization are relatively easily accessible, empirical studies are often conducted. However, our knowledge of retail distribution strategies is still incomplete. By examining 54 Czech breweries and their distribution regions, this article aims to fill the knowledge gap relating to retail distribution strategies in the brewing industry. Based on the Bennison typology of retail location strategies, which is used within the field of retail development, we identified four factors determining the decision on the future retail strategy of a specific brewery: geographic location, competitiveness, affiliation to a business group, and beer taste. As a result, the Czech beer market constitutes not only an attractive topic, but also an exceptional case for the study of economic actors’ spatial behaviour. The article tries to contribute to the social and scientific knowledge by adding a topic located on the borders of economic geography and retail geography which has not yet been studied in this way.


45 live references