Geografie 2014, 119, 342-363

A Chronology of Landsliding and its Impacts on the Village of Halenkovice, Outer Western Carpathians

Michal Bíl1, Oldřich Krejčí2, Martina Bílová1, Jan Kubeček1, Jiří Sedoník1, Vladimíra Krejčí2

1Transport Research Centre, Líšeňská 33a, 636 00 Brno, Czechia
2Czech Geological Survey, Leitnerova 69, 658 69 Brno, Czechia

Received December 2013
Accepted October 2014

The article is based on an investigation of landsliding chronology coducted at the village of Halenkovice. (Outer Western Carpathians, Czechia). On the basis of historical data, (chronicles and other archive sources, air photos, old maps), field mapping and interviews of eyewitnesses, we determined six major and seven minor phases of landsliding in the village and its immediate neighborhood for the period 1915–2010. Inactive and active landslides currently cover 20% of the Halenkovice cadastral area. Landslides have strongly affected the development of the village itself. Since 1941, at least 9 houses have been destroyed by landslides, with many other local buildings and roads suffering significant damage. We also documented two examples of periodic reactivation of landslides.


This work was financed by the Transport R&D Centre (OP R&D for Innovation No. CZ.1.05/ 2.1.00/03.0064) and by project no. VG20102015057 provided by the Ministry of the Interior.


49 live references