Geografie 2007, 112, 406-423

Changes of water level fluctuations of the Caspian Sea to the end of the 20th century

Břetislav Svozil

Geografický ústav, Přírodovědecká fakulta MU, Kotlářská 2, 611 37 Brno, Czechia

This article deals with problems of variability level of the Caspian Sea. It brings a historical overview with an accent put on the 20th century. It points out causes of the decrease and the lift of the Caspian Sea level, mentions causes as well as consequences of these phenomena. It also deals with prognosticating: it examines whether an erroneous prognosis can influence solution of the problem and whether can cause huge damages. And it also mentions nonperiodical sea sway, increasing and decreasing water level fluctuations, which can cause short-time increases or decreases the Caspian Sea level, as well as the main causes of the Caspian Sea variability level, formulation of prognoses and impacts of the level fluctuation.