Geografie 2006, 111, 70-91

Monitoring of Czech Landscape Development Using GIS and Remote Sensing

Jaromír Kolejka1, Jiří Žaloudík2

1Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Education, Department of Geography, Poříčí 7, 703 00 Brno, Czechia
2Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, České Budějovice, Czechia

Historical studies of landscape represent a part of traditional research in Czech geography. Modern technologies allow carrying out more accurate, more detail and more extended research actions. Methodically the historical landscape studies are supported with rich territorial databases of maps and aerial/satellite imagery. Examples presented in the paper document typical ways of GIS and RS applications starting with digital multitemporal imagery analysis to the utilizing of digital landscape model as fully integrated and sophisticated database supporting landscape analysis with respect to both natural and social area features.