Geografie 2002, 107, 230-242

Hydro-reclamation as an element of land regeneration in the Podkrušnohoří region

Martin Brzóska, Alena Chvátalová, Karel Kunc

Katedra geografie, Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity J. E. Purkyně, České mládeže 8, 400 96 Ústí nad Labem, Czechia

The report deals with the reclamation and revitalization carried out in the brown-coal field area in the are Mountains foothills with extensive open coal mining. Three basic modes of reclamation (agricultural, forest, and hydro) are mentioned. Considering the environmental, technical, and financial perspectives, the decision to flood residual pit mines is assessed as the most convenient alternative. Utilization of new ponds will be multifunctional. There are nevertheless many risks relating to this project, unique in the Czech Republic. They are concretised in the example of the Chabařovice residual pit mine, which is already being flooded.