Geografie 1998, 103, 437-444

Research Trends in Social Geography

Martin Hampl

Katedra sociální geografie a regionálního rozvoje, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czechia

The article discusses changing research orientations in contemporary human geography. Emphasis is given to diversification of concepts and approches in postpositivistic geography. General tendencies in contemporary orientations in human geography affect strongly current developments in the Czech social geography. Due to dramatic changes in the Czech society after the political changes of 1989, the Czech geography has been confronted with a new great theme of "geography of societal trasformation". In this context, however, some critical remarks must also be made: an one-side "import" of concepts and approaches from social sciences, further weakening of specificity of human geography, and a new emphasis given to differences between physical and human geography.