Geografie 1998, 103, 401-413

Foehns on the Northwestern Slopes of the White Carpathians?

Pavel Prošek, Šárka Střítežská

Katedra geografie, Přírodovědecká fakulta MU, Kotlářská 2, 611 37 Brno, Czechia

The foehn effect on the northwestern slopes of the White Carpathians has been by many scholars explained as the result of south and souteastern winds. No quantitative-based proofs, however, have so far acknowledged the existence of pseudoadiabatic processes in this region. This article analyses conditions for the rise and movement of foehn-type winds in the Moravian (northwestern) part of the White Carpathians. Data on air temperature and humidity from the period July 1987 - October 1988, recorded at 5 meteorological stations between the Váh and Morava Rivers, have been used.