Geografie 1996, 101, 41-58

Areas of Land-Cover Forms and Calculation of Their Morphometric Parameters

Karol Husár

Geografický ústav SAV, Štefánikova 49, 814 73 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The article aims to sum up selected vector-oriented quantitative methods that evaluate spatial units (i.e. areas or regions). Calculations of spatial morphometric parametres, namely of frequency, area and circumference, shape (form), spatial orientation of a region and regional spatial interrelations, are presented. The above mentioned methods are shown on the interpretative scheme of land-cover forms in the Šurany region with help of the computer programs APTAB and DIGEDIT whitch were compiled at the Institute of Geography SAS. The article is part of the project 2/999310/92 (Analysis of Information Potential of Remote Sensing Data) researched at the Institute of Geography SAS.