Geografie 1994, 99, 234-247

Geomorphological Analysis and Development of Ohře River Valley Meanders in the Mostecká pánev (Basin)

Břetislav Balatka, Pavel Červinka

Katedra fyzické geografie a geoekologie, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Na Slupi 14, 128 00 Praha 2, Czechia

The article gives a survey of results of geomorphological research on clinched and abandoned Ohře valley meanders and bends in the Mostecká pánev (Basin) and brings notes about their genesis. These on the Czech Republic territory exceptional forms were developing since the end of the Middle Pleistocene (Mindel 2) in appropriate lithological environment of the Terciary basin in connexion with neotectonic movements and with Mindel 2 displacement of the lower Ohře course into its present direction.