Geografie 1993, 98, 107-122

To the Development of the Ohře river valley in the Doupov mountains

Břetislav Balatka

Geografický ústav AV ČR, pobočka Praha, Na slupi 14, 128 00 Praha 2, Czechia

In this article the author - relying on the geomorphological analysis of the relief - provides a characterization of geomorphologic conditions of the Ohře river valley, its terrace system and the slope conditions of the river bed in relation to the morphostructure and genesis of the relief. The Ohře river valley in the neovolcanic of the Doupov mountains has been originated in miocen in a zone of tectonic bend between the basalt lava streams of the stratovolcan centre and volcanic bodies in northern rim of the mountains. The total neotectonic elevation of the Doupov mountains has reached about 200 metres.