Geografie 1989, 94, 257-273

Geographical Evaluation of Digitized Air Photography of a Water Body

Jaromír Kolejka1, James Petch2

1Geografický ústav ČSAV, Mendlovo nám. 1, 662 82 Brno, Czechia
2University of Salford, Department of Geography, Salford M5 4WT, Great Britain

A geographical evaluation is made of the features on colour slides taken from a RC model airplane from the height of 300 m. The image was digitized by using a video camera and a frame grabbing system. Blue, green and red filters were used to produce a "multispectral" image. The original image was then compared with images produced by contrast stretching, density slicing of individual bands, smoothing, PC analysis and maximum likelihood classification. Contrast stretching, PC analysis and maximum likelihood classification provided the basis for the compilation of a map.