Geografie 1988, 93, 9-19

The Exogenic Morphogenic Processes in the Model Region of Bzince pod Tavorinou (Biele Karpaty - White Carpathians)

Miloš Stankoviansky

Geografický ústav CGV SAV, Obrancov mieru 49, 814 73 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The aim of this paper is above all to present the method of compilation of detailed maps of exogenic morphogenic processes and verify this method in a model region in the surroundings of Bzince pod Javorinou, a village situated on the contact of three geomorphological units: Biele Karpaty [White Carpathians), Povážské podolie [Povážské Podolie Basin), and Myjavská pahorkatina (Myjava Hilly land). The article also treats both of the characteristic of individual morphogenic processes taking part in the morphogenesis of the relief of the above mentioned region, and of the role these processes played in its morphogenesis in the Quarternary.