Geografie 1987, 92, 241-247

The Present Soviet Economic and Social Geography

Ladislav Skokan

Sekce ekonomické geografie katedry světové ekonomiky obchodní fakulty Vysoké školy ekonomické, náměstí A. Zápotockého 4, 130 67 Praha 3 - Žižkov, Czechia

The main tendency of the present development of geographical sciences in the USSR is presented by their integration. The economic and social geography is regarded as a complex of disciplines studying the laws of territorial organization of the life of population, its special features in different countries and areas. The concrete tasks in the branch are greatly influenced by social requirements which have been increasing lately. Economic geographers are interested in the present social-economic reorganization. The theory of regional production complexes has been generally accepted. The result of an interdisciplinary research is besides others the elaboration of a uniform system of settlements in the USSR. Economic geographers take part in the organization of regional schemes of making advantage of the countryside, as well as in the protection of the living environment.