Geografie 1976, 81, 245-253

The XVth Congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Tasks of Czech Geography

Jaromír Demek

In his paper the author deals with the following for the Czech geography from the resolutions of the XVth Congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia is the leading power in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the conclusions affect strongly the whole society. The author mentions in his paper the main conclusions which followed from the Congres for the development of Czechoslovak economics and the main tasks of science in the 6th five-year plan 1976-1980. The author mentions the following principle tasks for Czechoslovak geography in the period between 1976 and 1980: 1. study of natural and socio-economic resources of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 2. solution of the optimum relationship of nature and socialist society on the territory of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 3. study of the problems of geography of agriculture in connection with the industrialization, cooperation and concentration of Czechoslovak agriculture 4. solution of the problems of geography of population mainly in relation to the recent population increase and to problems of environment 5. study of the geographical differentiation of economic activities and their interaction with nature 6. increase of the standard of teaching geography in schools of all levels. The author is of the opinion that the fulfiment of the tasks mentioned above is not possible without further development of the methods applied in geography and, especially, without further development of thematic cartography and geographical prediction. He also stresses the significance of international cooperation in geography mainly with geographers of socialist countries within the frame of the tasks of COMECON and INTERCOSMOS. The author closes his paper by stating that by the fulfilment of the said tasks the practical significance of geography for the development of economics and the formation of a well-developed socialist society in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic will further increase.