Geografie 1975, 80, 100-114

Environment of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Present State and Perspective

Jaromír Demek

The paper is dealing with important problems of landscape and environment of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Under the term environment author understands a system consisting of natural and socioeconomic elements, which surround Man, supply him with basic needs and in which he works and rests. Author distinguishes macroenvironment (landscape with natural resources), mesoenvironment (towns and villages) and microenvironment (working, living, cultural environment). Present-day landscape of Czechoslovakia is based on different types of original natural landscapes (Map No.1). During the ages but different types of cultural landscapes developed on the state territory (Map No.2). Author is dealing in detail with negative influences on the landscape and environment in Czechoslovakia. In the author opinion these are: a) atmospheric pollution and its effect, b) water pollution and endangering of water supply of population, industry and agriculture, c) soil deterioration, especially accelerated soil erosion, d) changes in biota. Author is also dealing with the environment problems in cities. The main problems of future development and perspectives of landscape and environment in Czechoslovak Socialist Republic are also discussed. The author is of opinion the geographers can and have to take part in the solution of environmental problems of socialist Czechoslovakia.