Geografie 1975, 80, 32-34

Role Played by Hydrogeography in the Formation and Protection of Environment

Hubert Kříž

The solution of numerous problems resulting from deterioration environment is of substantial significance for mankind. Among the problems mentioned belong even the unfavourable changes in the hydrosphere owing to activities of man. Hydrogeography too can take part in the solution of the said problems mainly by a general valuation of the changes of water resources caused by the activities of human society and of the relationships between natural and socio-economic agents participating in the changes mentioned. Hydrogeography can, in addition, contribute to the solution of some other problems such as the elucidation of the laws controlling the formation and supply of water resources and their use for the needs of man. Hydrogeography can share even in the study of dynamic processes occurring in the hydrosphere and in the future in methods of their control to the favour of mankind. The main task of geographers for the nearest future should be the synthesis of partical knowledge achieved in other disciplines (hydrology, hydrogeology, water management, hydrochemistry, etc.) and valuation of relationships between agents affecting the formation and use of water resources, as well as the prognosis of future development. These works should be based on the geographical analysis of the natural and socioeconomic factors of the environment of the different regions. Hydrogeography is supposed to play a still more important role in further development of water resources. At the moment when systems of larger river basins will not be sufficient it will be necessary to shift water from active regions to passive ones to a great extent as far as to the level of the main rivers of continents. In such a situation a complex valuation of these large territories will be necessary which will be a task for geographers.