Geografie 1971, 76, 256-264

Methodology to the Designation of the Specialization of the Agriculture Production

Natalie Hanzlíková

Geografický ústav ČSAV, Na příkopě 29, Praha 1, Czechia

Market structure of agricultural production belongs to the group of indices which are commonly used in agricultural geographical research. It has always been an important index of specialization. But if used as qualitative characteristic, this misses the formal numeric expression. In this article, a methodological attempt has been made to express the structure of the market production as the specialization ratio by means of Lorenz curve. The specialization ratio of some productional agricultural types in the Northern Bohemia has been computed. The calculations point out the low level of the market specialization of the agricultural production especially in the most productive areas in the Northern Bohemia. They confirm the fact that rational concentration of agricultural production has not yet been realized. It has not yet been based on the optimal utilization of natural and economical conditions for their production.