Geografie 1969, 74, 360-368

Progress in Geomorphological Mapping and Moravian Geomorphology

Jaromír Demek

Geografický ústav ČSAV, Mendelovo nám. 1, Brno, Czechia

The author deals in his paper with the problems of geomorphological mapping which bas become during last two decades one of the main methods of geomorphological research. He is of the opinion that the most important problem is at present the international unification of the methods of geomorphological mapping as well as the unification of the legends on international basis. Difficulties arise simultaneously due to differences in terminology and classification of relief forms and their groups. In geomorphological mapping the author considers the most suitable classification into: 1. parts of relief forms (genetically homogeneous surfaces), 2. relief forms, and 3. relief types. Under the term relief type the author understands a more or less distinctly defined area displaying the same surface forms, an equel height position and the same genesis of the relief dependent on the same morphostructure, the same complexes of morphogenetic agents and the same history of development. The author deals further mainly with the activities of the Subcommission on Geomorphological Mapping at the IGU Commission on Applied Geomorphology in the period from 1962 to 1968 and those of the recently established IGU Commission on Geomorphic Survey and Mapping. He discusses by turns the problems of detailed geomorphological maps (on 1:25 000-1:50 000). medium scale maps (1:200 000-1:500 000) and general geomorphological maps (1:1 mill. and smaller). He deals simultaneously even with the share of Moravian geomorphology in the progress in geomorphological mapping.