Geografie 2018, 123, 21-35

Spring and autumn frosts in the Pannonian Basin in Serbia

Slavica Malinović-Milićević1, Milan M. Radovanović2,3

1University of Novi Sad, ACIMSI, University Center for Meteorology and Environmental Modelling, Novi Sad, Serbia
2Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic”, Belgrade, Serbia
3South Ural State University, Institute of Sports, Tourism and Service, 60, Russia

Received May 2017
Accepted November 2017

The study analyzes the number of light, moderate and severe spring and autumn frosts and occurrence of the last spring and the first autumn frost in the Pannonian Basin in Serbia, over the period 1961–2010. Only the average number of light and severe spring frosts decreased significantly over the investigated period, while the number of spring and autumn frosts of all intensities decreased at the majority of stations since 1990. Since 1990, the last light and moderate spring frosts have had a tendency to occur earlier, while autumn frosts have shown the tendency to occur later. In the urban station of Belgrade the last spring frosts appeared on average 17 days earlier relative to rural stations, while first autumn frosts appeared 17 days later. The lengthening of the period without light frosts since 1990 was the result of an earlier ending of spring frosts, while the lengthening of the period without moderate and severe frosts is caused by the later start of autumn frosts.


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