Geografie 2006, 111, 247-259

Regional delimitation of the Elbe River basin based on flood seasonality analysis

Jana Chalušová, Josef Hladný, Radek Čekal

Czech Hydrometeorological Institut, Na Šabatce 17, 143 06 Praha 4, Komořany, Czechia

The study presents approaches that can be used for assessing flood seasonality in the Czech part of the Elbe River basin. For each of the selected gauging stations, a graphic-numerical method based on flood cumulative frequency curves was applied for identification of intervals, during which the probability of seasonal flood occurrence was high. The results were used for classification of the individual catchments into seven regions specific in terms of the flood seasonality.


The presented research was funded by the Research Plan MSM 0021620831 "Geographical Systems and Risk Processes in Context of Global Changes and European Integration" of the Czech Ministry of Education and Research Project VaV-SM/2/57/05 "Long-term changes of river ecosystems in floodplains affected by extreme floods" of the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic which is fully appreciated by the authors.