Geografie 2002, 107, 40-49

Analysis of the Causative Factors of Landslides Triggered by the Extreme Rainfalls in 1997, Vsetín District, Czech Republic

Jan Klimeš

Katedra fyzické geografie a geoekologie, Přírodovědecká fakulta UK, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2, Czechia

The main objective of this study is to determine and analyse the terrain conditions which contributed to the evolution of landslides after the 1997 rain event and to perform the slope instability hazard zonation mapping of the Soláň Brook sample drainage basin. The GIS means are used for compilation of the slope instability hazard zonation map.


Vypracování této studie bylo podpořeno grantovou agenturou Univerzity Karlovy, číslo grantu 224/2001.