Geografie 1999, 104, 46-53

Environmental Problems of redevelopment and revitalization of the former military training area Ralsko

Zbyněk Ryšlavý

Sametová 734, 460 01 Liberec, Czechia

The former military area Ralsko was created after the World War II on the territory formerly populated by Germans. The area was poor with negligible industry only. It was intended to serve as a training ground for cooperation between infantry troops and various armored vehicles in varied landscapes. Soviet Army used the area since 1968. As a result, the military use of Ralsko became more intensive and some areas were used beyond the possible limits. As there were great numbers of soldiers and hazardous materials were handled without care, serious environmental damages occurred. Much money has been spent by the Czechoslovak/Czech state in order to reduce contamination and to treat environmental impacts. The former military area should be revitalized carefully so that our descendants would find this area pleasant and enjoying.