Geografie 1997, 102, 50-58

Fifty Years of Geography at the Academy

Miroslav Střída

Ježkova 7, 130 00 Praha 3, Czechia

Geographical issues on the Czech territory have been traditionally researched at universities and since 1950s also at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and Czech Academy of Sciences. In 1962 four geography departments fused and the Institute of Geography (Czechoslovak Academy of Science) became the focus of Czechoslovak academic geography. Apart from organizational activities the Institute has extensively researched problems of regionalism and environmental issues. As a result of academic transformation in early 1990s the Institute of Geography ceased to exist. Since then its research activities passed partly at universities in Praha and Brno and at the Centre for Environment, Institute of Geonics, Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno. Thus, fifty years of geographical research on academic grounds has brought a number of research reports, publications, maps and atlases - a significant portion of Czech geography in the 20th century.